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We sell, install and service all WehoPuts mini treatment plants from Uponor.

7499 € including VAT with delivery to the entire main Åland.

WehoPut's mini treatment plant is intended for year-round homes that are equipped with a water closet. All domestic wastewater from the property is led to the treatment plant. WehoPuts 5 is chosen when the number of people is 1-5 or when the living space is at most 150 square meters. WehoPuts 10 is a suitable alternative when the number of people is 5-10 or when the living space is 150-300 square meters. WehoPuts is easy to use and monitor because it works completely automatically. The alarm light indicates if something should be done. You can have up to 3 months downtime thanks to the nutrition solution. The industry consists of natural raw materials and is biodegradable and harmless to watercourses. The nutrient solution ensures the microbial purification ability of the microbes and the purification is effective immediately when the purification plant is restarted after the shutdown.

The mini treatment plants are certified in accordance with EN 12566-3 and purify to the highest level of protection for environmental protection in accordance with the Swedish Maritime and Water Administration's General Council.

Thanks to its compact design, mini treatment plants are easy to transport, install and save space. WehoPuts 5 & 10 are equipped with their own sludge collection system, where sludge is pumped into a sludge bag. The bag can advantageously be composted (requires composting in latrine compost). You can also choose to sludge emptying the treatment plant with a sludge suction truck about 2 times / year.

  • optional sludge emptying

  • small electricity consumption

  • a comprehensive service network

  • tested quality and functional reliability

  • complete package - delivered turnkey

  • organic - enables the recovery of nutrients


We also offer service agreements for you WehoPuts, where we ensure that your treatment plant works all year round and will work flawlessly for many years to come.

More info about mini treatment plants is available at


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Vi säljer, installerar och utför service på alla WehoPuts minireningsverk från Uponor. 

Utkörning till hela fasta Åland.

wehoputs minireningsverk åland uponor
wehoputs minireningsverk åland uponor
wehoputs minireningsverk åland uponor
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