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smedbo åland handdukstork beslag krom mässing

Vi säljer alla Smedbos högkvalitativa och stilrena produkter i massiv mässing

We sell all Smedbo's high-quality and stylish products in solid brass.

In our store we stock certain products and those that we do not have in stock can be ordered.

Smedbo is a family business that was founded in 1967 and today has a wide range of bathrooms of Scandinavian timeless design. The range includes everything from towel hooks, toilet paper holders and make-up mirrors to towel warmers.

Most of Smedbo's products can either be screwed on or glued on.


Smedbo constantly continues to develop new functional and stylish accessories that adorn the bathroom.

Smedbo attaches great importance to material selection as well as form and function, in our bathroom series the majority of interior details and product parts are made of solid brass of the highest quality, a durable material that has the great advantage of not rusting.

Thanks to this, Smedbo can count on the exclusive group of manufacturers who can promise a full 10-year warranty on the majority of all products. Smedbo is also a Royal Court Supplier to the Swedish royal family.

Here you can check out their range:

smedbo åland handdukskrok mässing krom beslag
beslagsboden åland beslag mässing krom handdukskrok

We also sell all products from Beslagsboden, which is Smedbo's second brand.

In our store we stock certain products and those that we do not have in stock can be ordered.

Renew your bathroom in just a few minutes! The fitting shed has the market's widest range of self-adhesive hooks in stainless steel. The fitting shed's self-adhesive hooks are attached with 3M glue that sits securely on grease-free, solid surfaces such as tiles.

Over the years, the fitting shed has built up one of Scandinavia's widest range of decorative fittings.

Specially developed for the Do-It-Yourself.

Here you will find fittings for the whole home. The fitting shed's door handles for exterior doors are available in a number of different surface treatments. Some door handles are also ergonomically designed for the greatest possible feeling.

The fitting shed also has one of the market's widest range of door handles for interior doors.

Here you can check out their range:

Vi säljer också alla produkter från Beslagsboden vilket är Smedbos andra varumärke

beslagsboden åland krom mässing handdukskrok
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