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We sell all products from the Lithuanian manufacturer KAME.

KAME manufactures all their bathroom furniture in their own factories and offers three different brands; RB Bathroom, KAME and KAME Exclusive.

With prices from only 287 € for a complete bathroom dresser with washbasin.


Contact us for a free consultation with a quote or come to us at Vikingagränd 5 and download catalogs.


RB Bathroom

Incredibly affordable bathroom furniture for the modern bathroom. 2 year warranty on all products. Easy-care furniture, produced from high-quality materials. RB Bathroom's goal is to offer modern and comfortable bathroom furniture for the modern bathroom while following the latest trends at competitive prices. You can choose from a large variety of sizes and styles, just to suit your needs and tastes.
Here you can take part of their catalog.



Affordable bathroom furniture with a unique touch. 5 year warranty.

Everyone is unique.

Everyone has their own understanding of what a comfortable and harmonious environment means to them.

Everyone expects a relaxing atmosphere.

Welcome to KAME Bathroom where these three meet to be able to offer the best solution for different tastes.

Your unique bathroom with KAME.
Here you can take part of their catalog.



The best of the best.

Exclusive bathroom furniture series was born out of a desire to create quality and sustainable products. Nowadays, bathrooms are getting more attention, and there is a reason for that - this is the space where we start and end our day.

In terms of design, materials and functionality, KAME wanted to create products that would retain their value over time. The design of these series is based on classic shapes, natural and luxurious materials and calm colors.

KAME EXCLUSIVE are designed to emphasize luxury in your home!
Here you can take part of their catalog.


Here you can see a short film about KAME's production in Lithuania.

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