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Purolett förbränningstoaletter åland

We are the distributor of Purolett's cumbustion toilets.



The uncomplicated combustion toilet manufactured in Sweden.


Feel at home - wherever you are.

You can easily do the installation yourself at home with this combustion toilet.


With the Purolett combustion toilet you get the same comfort in the toilet in the holiday home as you have at home. A Swedish-made combustion toilet with high quality and focus on the user economy and the environment.

At the best price on the market!


We sell both models that Purolett offers:


1999 €


Purolett eco Elit is Purolett's basic model and a good friend in need.

  • Box volume: 9 liters.

  • 230 volts 2100 watts.

  • Cold draft protection as an accessory.

    Read more HERE about this model.

purolett förbränningstoalett åland eco elit


2499 €

The best combustion toilet Purolett has on the market.
Automatic cold-draft protection on the air as standard especially for those who use your PUROLETT all year round. Stylish design.
Washers in polished stainless steel. Both flaps open when flushing facilitates the bag to roll down when it is a little in the bag.
Automatically opens and closes the air vent tube when the fan starts and stops if you need to cool down and a cold toilet seat.

  • Box volume: 9 liters .

  • 230 volts 2100 watts.

  • Cold draft included.

    Read more HERE about this model.


purolett förbränningstoalett åland eco royal


Behöver ni hjälp med finansiering? Inga problem, vi kan erbjuda er finansiering via Ecster.

Läs mera här om finansiering.

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