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eta finland soumi värmepannor flispanna vedpanna pelletspanna

Vi säljer värmepannor från ETA 

Europas ledande tillverkare av biobränslepannor och de genomför stora satsningar på produktutveckling

We sell heating boilers from ETA, which is Europe's leading manufacturer of biofuel boilers and they make major investments in product development.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these products.


Among other things, ETA offers these products:
Wood chips boilers

Pellet boilers

Wood boilers



With modern technology, ETA creates simple and user-friendly products.

The wood, pellet and chip boilers are fully automatic and handle soot as well as wastage on their own. The remote control makes it possible to change the temperature and adjust settings no matter where you are in the world, via the touch display on your boiler, via your smartphone or tablet.



The biofuel boiler is 100% safe against backfire. ETA has developed an airtight cell lock that, in combination with the patented operating mode, prevents an open connection between the combustion chamber and the fuel storage, unlike traditional rear fire dampers. No hot gases can penetrate the transport screw and thus the chips in the storage room cannot ignite.



Streamline your energy consumption and save up to 80% of your energy costs. The Greek letter “η”, pronounced “eta”, means efficiency. The wood, pellet and wood chips have a high efficiency and a low energy consumption. ETA uses high-quality cylindrical gearboxes with a power rating of over 95%. This, together with the conical transport screw, reduces the power consumption up to 30% compared with the competitors.



Reduce your energy costs while contributing to sustainable development. When wood is burned, small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor are released, which together with the sun's energy causes new trees to grow up. Combustion of renewable energy sources such as wood chips, pellets and firewood is integrated into the natural cycle as a climate neutral warming and the boilers have been noted by the Swedish Energy Agency for the lowest emission of carbon monoxide (CO) and dust.

Biofuels are usually locally produced and are largely derived from logging residues from the forest. By optimizing resources we already have available, we can create affordable fuels such as wood chips, pellets and firewood. Fuels which, combined with the boiler's high efficiency, reduce energy costs up to 80%.

Within various environmental classification systems and certifications for companies and real estate, there are requirements to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, streamline energy use and to choose renewable sources.

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