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We sell diesel heaters from the manufacturer Autoterm Europe.

The advantage of these heaters, compared to the more well-known brands already on the market, is that they are doubly cheaper but still work at least as well.

Autoterm offers diesel-powered air heaters that can be easily and conveniently installed in your cabin, boat or truck. The air heaters are ideal for spaces that need to be heated quickly or where there is no built-in heating system. For example: camping, boat and cabins.


Autoterm's patented combustion chambers work several times longer than in similar products and their brushless motors have made it possible to increase the life cycle and create long durability and reliable products.


All Autoterm heaters are equipped with built-in fault-proof systems and sensors. The self-diagnostic system automatically shuts off the heater if it encounters faults (eg battery failure, overheating of the heater, low fuel level, failure of the air pump or electric fault) and is thus a completely safe product.


The heaters can be controlled with different control panels or remotely via your iOS or Android smartphone using a sim card (remote control modem is sold separately).


Autoterm has diesel heaters from 2 kW (86 m3) up to 8 kW (413 m3).


Feel free to come to us at Vikingagränd 5 and look at our 4 kW diesel heater that we have installed in our exhibition shop and can be run if there is interest in it.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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